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International Women's Day 2024

Updated: Mar 9

By Margeaux Groenewald - Intern Educational Psychologist


The theme for International Women's Day 2024, "Inspire Inclusion," underscores the power of fostering understanding and appreciation for women's inclusion International Women’s Day is a powerful tribute to the achievements of women, as well as a united call for gender equality. Today we honour and recognize the remarkable contributions of women throughout history who have struggled for equal rights, paving the way for women today to embrace freedoms once denied. Though we  reflect on global challenges, let us look at South Africa, where the equality journey encounters unique hurdles, and highlight the achievements of many notable South African women in various fields, such as:

Qaqamba Gubanca, a resilient and compassionate woman born in the rural part of the Eastern Cape, exemplifies the strength that arises from overcoming life's adversities. Qaqamba found hope and purpose with the Philani Maternal, Child Health, and Nutrition Trust in Cape Town. She now serves as a Mentor Mother, and passionately guides vulnerable mothers through the parenthood journey. Recognizing the impact of her own experience, Qaqamba strives to make a difference in the lives of others, ensuring pregnant mothers attend antenatal screenings, monitoring children's health and fitness, and addressing nutritional needs. Beyond her immediate community, Qaqamba’s work has contributed to expansion into countries like Swaziland and Ethiopia. With a heart-warming dedication to uplifting families, Qaqamba’s mission is rooted in the belief that showing guidance and support can profoundly impact the lives of children and mothers alike.

Town native Nicky Asher-Pedro emerged as a resilient force through her anti-apartheid activism and subsequent roles in radio and journalism for The Big Issue magazine. As a social worker and activist, she confronts challenges faced by women in Cape Town, where being outspoken is often met with resistance, particularly from men. She highlights the societal pressure on women to conform, emphasizing the need for women to define themselves independently of such expectations.  Asher-Pedro advocates for marginalized adults, contributing to a more inclusive society that challenges stereotypes and empowers individuals to reclaim their agency. Her journey is a testament to courage and resilience in the face of societal norms.

International Women’s Day is a call for change and pushes us to envision a future where every South African woman and girl can freely and confidently pursue her aspirations. It's a day to recognize the progress made, while also acknowledging the work ahead.


This year’s theme encourages individuals and communities to amplify voices, challenge stereotypes, advocate for policy reforms, foster economic empowerment, and create environments where women can thrive. As we collectively strive to inspire inclusion, we contribute to building a better future where every woman's voice is heard, her talents are celebrated, and her presence is valued in every sphere of life.


How will you inspire inclusion this International Women’s Day?

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