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Our training is tailored for those who aim to enhance existing skills or acquire additional ones. Many of our trainees become volunteers in our school counselling services. They often use this experience to enter university and continue their studies. These skills empower trainees to cope more adequately in their professional lives and they often report an added benefit on a personal level in increased self-awareness and improved communication skills. JPCCC is involved in the development of future Educational Psychologists, and is an accredited internship site with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Our courses aim to enrich all those working in psychology, education, human resources, religious and spiritual counselling, and other health professions.

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Online Training

We offer several workshops a year, focusing on a broad range of topic. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for upcoming trainings

Basic and Intermediate Counselling 

JPCCC offers courses aimed at those with little to no counselling experience, who are interested in becoming volunteer counsellors, or further developing their interpersonal skills. Training courses run at various intervals throughout the year. 

Working with Trauma and Bereavement

​For those who have mastered the basic and intermediate counselling skills training, JPCCC offers short courses in further training for those interested in working with individuals who have experienced trauma and bereavement. 

Working with Children

​A further training course which focuses on working with children is offerred to those who have completed the basic and intermediate counselling courses. This is a short course for counsellors wishing to expand their skill set to include younger clients. 

Peer Counselling Training

​Peer counselling courses are offered to schools that would like their learners to be trained in basic communication skills and self awareness. The aim of peer counselling is to help learners to relate to peers of their own age and to offer support to those who do not feel comfortable consulting an adult regarding their personal difficulties. Peer counsellors are taught how and where to refer their peers when necessary.

Ethics in Psychology

JPCCC provides training for intern psychologists in preparation for the National Board Examinations. These workshops prepare intern psychologists for the ethical component of the exam required for qualification.​ They are also a valuable refresher course for practicing mental health professionals who would like to increase their understanding of relevant legislation. 

Case Conference

JPCCC hosts a weekly case conference for psychologists, counsellors, volunteers and social workers associated with JPCCC. These conferences provides members of JPCCC and the mental health community with the opportunity to present and discuss ongoing cases within a professional environment. 

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