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School Counselling Services

JPCCC sends trained counsellors into schools to give learners space for discussion and to help in coping with their emotional difficulties. We offer short-term counselling, parent guidance, and teacher support. We run learner support groups for bereavement and trauma. We refer learners for other interventions when needed. 

Schools in need

There is an identified need among school learners for emotional and mental-health services in schools. Many children in schools struggle with barriers to their learning and schools often do not have the psycho-social support personnel to cope with this need. These children may present with anxiety, depression, behavioural challenges, withdrawal and isolation, poor school progress, absenteeism, bullying, acting out, substance abuse etc.  All these are symptoms of emotional distress and mental ill-health which may be caused by a variety of things including trauma, family illness and conflict, divorce, violence, abuse, neglect, and bereavement.

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