JPCCC has a multi-disciplinary team which consists of Educational Psychologists, social workers, and auxiliary social workers. We are fortunate to employ the skills of multiple professionals, who regularly collaborate to provide improved assistance to our clients. 

Claudine Ribeiro

Claudine is the Director at JPCCC, and is an experienced social worker. She is passionate about taking the organisation to new heights, and expanding our service provision to the community. 

Maki Ramasedi

Maki is a senior social worker, and leads the training courses and workshops presented at JPCCC. She is instrumental in the training of social work students from various universities. 

Gillian Berkowitz

Gill is an Educational Psychologist with a long association with JPCCC. She supervises the Intern Educational Psychologists and volunteers at JPCCC, and has pioneered the School Counselling Service. 

Roy Jennings

Roy is one of the JPCCC board members, and assists with the financial management of the organisation.  

Jessie-Anne Bird

Jessie-Anne Bird is an Educational Psychologist, who is involved in the training of counsellors for the JPCCC school counselling progamme. Jessie-Anne works with children, adolescents, and adults - providing both therapy and assessment.

Gabriela Völkel

Gabriela is an Educational Psychologist and fulfills the role of case coordinator. She works with a broad spectrum of clients, and focuses on empowering them to be assertive and self aware. 

Samantha Campher

Samantha is a Registered Counsellor, who fulfills the role of School Counselling Service Coordinator. She uses empathy, compassion, and optimism in her work with both children and adolescents. 

Zaheera Seedat

Zaheera is an Educational Psychologist. She completed her training at the University of the Witwatersrand. Zaheera is passionate about working with children, and has an interest in psychological assessments and early childhood development.

Kayleigh Luntz

Kayleigh is an Intern Educational Psychologist who completed her training at the University of Johannesburg. She enjoys working with children and adolescents, and is passionate about early childhood development. 

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Irene Chait

Irene is a Clinical Psychologist and psycho-analyst, who is a long serving consultant for the centre. She has a special interest in play therapy, and oversees the training of the Educational Psychology Interns. Irene has been a part of JPCCC for 40 years.

Matseke Nkadimeng

Matseke is a social worker at SPCCC, and collaborates with staff members at JPCCC. She is well-known within the Soweto community who are assisted by SPCCC.

Jacqui Michael

Jacqui is a previous director of JPCCC, and maintains a close relationship with the organisation. She remains a senior consultant and supervisor for the organisation, and is involved in fundraising.

Iris Ferrer

Iris is an Educational Psychologist at JPCCC, who is involved in the training of the Intern Educational Psychologists. She practices in both French and English, and has been with JPCCC for 15 years.

Mahlatse Diale

Mahlatse is a qualified social worker. She believes in advocating for the rights of children, and is experienced in providing support to clients from a multitude of backgrounds. She is passionate about child protection and working with families. 

Mpho Ndlovu

Mpho trained at the University of Zululand. Her interest is in adolescents mental health and well being.  Her goal to alleviate mental health awareness in the rural and disadvantaged communities and challenge mental health stigma.

Liza-Mari Rawlins

Liza-Mari is an Intern Educational Psychologist from Stellenbsoch University. She has a keen interest in working with children, adolescents, and adults. She intends to positively support her clients in ways that are meaningful to their own unique development.

Aadilah Dadabhay

Aadilah is an Intern Educational Psychologist from the University of the Witwatersrand. She has a keen interest in play therapy and is passionate about working with children.

Smith Otlaadisang

Smith studied at the University of Botswana, Nelson Mandela University, and Wits University. His interest areas include working with families, adolescents, and vulnerable groups

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